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Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant

Περισσότερα για εμένα

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant, Google Adwords & Social Media Advertising Expert, Growth & Inbound Marketer.

~Σχετικά με μένα

Ασχολούμαι με το ψηφιακό Μάρκετινκ με σκοπό να βοηθήσω Εταιρείες κι Νεοσύστατες (Startups) Εταιρείες να βρουν το δρόμο τους στο χαοτικό διαδίκτυο.

Έχω εργαστεί σε διάφορα για project για με μεγάλες επιχειρήσεις και Startups, μεταξύ αυτών Mastercard, Twitter, OPAP, Papastratos, Sc Johnson, Blue Star Ferries,, Nestle, 11888 giaola και άλλες..

Με πλήρη κατανόηση του ψηφιακού τοπίου μέσα στο σύνολο της επικοινωνίας, γεφυρώνω μαρκετινγκ, πωλήσεις, εμπειρία καταναλωτή και τεχνολογία. Έχω συνεργαστείμε πολλές εταιρείες στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό στην υιοθέτηση ψηφιακών τεχνολογιών και στην δημιουργία καμπανιών μάρκετινγκ και πωλήσεων.

Βιογραφικό Γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα στη Θεσσαλονίκη, πλέον μένω και εργάζομαι στην Αθήνα. Έχω πτυχίο οικονομικών από το πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλίας, μεταπτυχιακό στη διοίκηση επιχειρήσεων από το Guglielmo Marconi University της Ρώμης και έχω παρακολουθήσει αρκετά σεμινάρια πάνω στο Digital Marketing. Έχω εργαστεί σε πολλά προτζεκτ μικρών και μεγάλων εταιρειών και startup εταιρειών στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό.

~Εξειδίκευση σε:

-Google Adwords
-Google Analytics
-Growth Marketing
-Inbound Marketing
-Social Media Management
-Social Media Advertising
-Social Media Analytics & Insights
-Crisis Management
-Email Marketing
-Mobile Marketing
-Advanced Reporting


-Diploma in Growth Hacking from Hellenic American Union
-Diploma in Digital Marketing from Deree
-Master in Business Administration from Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
-BA on economics from University of Thessaly


  • 100%
  • 100%
    Marketing Strategy
  • 100%
    Growth Marketing
  • 100%
  • 100%
    Google Adwords
  • 100%
    Google Analytics
  • 100%
    Facebook Advertising


-Google Adwords (Fundamentals,Search, Display, Market)
-Google Analytics
-Google Tag Manager
-Google Grow Greek Tourism Online
-Hubspot (inbound marketing, SEO crash Course)
-MOZ (SEO training course)
-Coursera (Competitive Strategy, Advanced Competitive Strategy, New Models of Business in Society)
-Alison (Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online, Diploma in Social Media Marketing)

Εργασιακή εμπειρία.

Feb 2021 – Present


Head Of Digital

After more than 15 years of delivering success to our clients, we have the experience to design strategic roadmap for your online success, regardless of your current platform.
No matter your audience or industry, we are equipped to be your guide and helping hand through the complex world of digital commerce.
We like conversions, we love e-Business Consulting.
Working in various projects for well established Companies and Startups, among them: CosmoMarket, Body Action, GamesCom, espiti, dessylas games, mourtzi, sandalistas
My role as a Head of Digital includes:
➢Create Digital Marketing Strategies for our clients
➢Lead a group of team members to allocate, invest, and optimize the performance media budget across all channels to meet our clients business targets
➢Utilize data-driven methodology, analysis, and measurement to improve effectiveness and efficiency of our clients performance channels
➢Oversee campaign management and reporting, including in-depth analytics of Margins, LTV, CPA, ROI, and incrementality
➢Innovate and implement test and learn strategies and drive scalable results
➢Mentor the talented team members.

Jan 2019 – Jan 2021


Senior Digital Marketing Strategist | Performance Marketing & Analytics | Growth Marketing |

➢Digital Marketing Strategy
➢Project Management / Plan, organize and execute digital projects in various digital platforms
➢Set up and day-to-day handling & optimization on Paid Social and Google Ads
➢Act as the point of contact for clients for digital management matters
➢ Messenger strategy & automation (Chatbots)
➢Advanced Reporting (Google Data Studio Report)
➢C.R.O. (Conversion Rate Optimization)
➢Creating Digital Strategy

Mar 2020 – Present

Nail That Lead

Head of Growth

➢Growth Marketing (Automations, Growth Hacking)
➢Marketing Stack Implementation (Google Tag Manager, Pixels, Analytics, Hotjar, Livechat, etc)
➢Funnel Creation (Multistep Funnels)
➢B2B Lead Generation
➢Advanced LinkedIn Marketing (Profile Growth, Automation, Lead Generation, Personal Branding)

Feb 2018 – Jan 2019


Senior Growth Engineer

➢ P.P.C.
➢ Messenger strategy & automation (Chatbots)
➢Growth Plan
➢Google Data Studio Report
➢C.R.O. (Conversion Rate Optimization)
➢Marketing Stack
➢Digital Performance, Insights & Analytics
➢Project Management

Mar 2019 – Present

Faster Capital Freelance

Business Mentor

➣Preparing and implementing Growth plans for Startups
➣Providing mentoring to the executives of the companies in business related issues
➣Supporting the staff of the companies in business related issues

August 2017 - Jan 2018


Performance Media & Digital Optimization Manager

Μέλος της διαφημιστικής ομάδας, εκτελούσα αρκετά tasks, μεταξύ αυτών σχεδιασμός, εκτέλεση και βελτιστοποίηση καμπανιών σε Google και Social Media, δημιουργία περιεχομένου, αναλυτικό reporting και συναντήσεις με πελάτες.

➢Set up Google Adwords & Social Media campaigns
➢Optimizing Google Adwords & Social Media campaigns
➢Digital & Social Media Performance
➢Digital & Social Media Analytics
➢Content Creation
➢Inbound Marketing
➢Advanced Reporting.

Aug 2011 – Present

Growth Ninja

Head of Growth

➢Digital Marketing Strategy
➢Performance Marketing - PPC (Google, Social Media, Taboola)
➢Growth Marketing (Automations, Growth Hacking)
➢Advanced Messenger Marketing (Chatbots)
➢Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO (Data Driven Optimization)
➢Marketing Stack Implementation (Google Tag Manager, Pixels, Analytics, Hotjar, Livechat, etc)
➢Advanced Analytics (Google & Social Media)
➢Advanced Reporting (Google Data Studio Report)
➢Funnel Creation (Multistep Funnels)
➢Advanced LinkedIn Marketing (Profile Growth, Automation, Lead Generation, Personal Branding)

Mar 2020 – Present

The Sachi Group

Head of Growth

➢Digital Marketing Strategy
➢Performance Marketing - PPC (Google, Social Media, Taboola)
➢Growth Marketing (Automations, Growth Hacking)
➢Advanced Messenger Marketing (Chatbots)
➢Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO (Data Driven Optimization)
➢Marketing Stack Implementation (Google Tag Manager, Pixels, Analytics, Hotjar, Livechat, etc)
➢Advanced Analytics (Google & Social Media)
➢Advanced Reporting (Google Data Studio Report)
➢Funnel Creation (Multistep Funnels)
➢Advanced LinkedIn Marketing (Profile Growth, Automation, Lead Generation, Personal Branding)

Jul 2018 – Dec 2018

Growth Hacking Academy


➣Advanced PPC
➣Creating Growth Plan
➣Google Tag Manager
➣Google Data Studio
➣Google Analytics
➣Google Ads
➣Facebook Ads
➣Instagram Ads

October 2012 - July 2017

Lou Shoes

Head of Digital

Υπεύθυνος της ομάδας digital, υπεύθυνος για την online παρουσία, την συνολική στρατηγική της εταιρείας και το τμήμα marketing.

➢Google Adwords
➢Google Analytics
➢Social Media Management
➢Social Media Advertising
➢Social Media Analytics & Insights
➢Email Marketing
➢Mobile Marketing
➢Crisis Management

Οι σπουδές και οι πιστοποιήσεις μου.


Growth Hacking Academy

Hellenic American Union

The first Growth Hacking Diploma in Greece , powered by Growthrocks.

-Build Growth Plan
-Setup your inbound Marketing Stack
-Getting Early and Smart Traction
-Discovering audience (via web scraping)
-Viral Marketing
-Execute an Outbound Marketing Strategy
-Paid Advertising Hacks
-Implementing Engineering-as-marketing Hacks
-Advanced Content Marketing Hacks


Diploma in Digital Marketing


Voted as the best diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital & Social Media Era
Web Sites
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Networks
Social Media Community Building & Management
Digital & Social Media Campaigns
Digital & Social Media Analytics
Digital & Social Media Performance
Digital & Social Media Strategy


International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)

Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi

Competitive Environments and Business Venture,
People and Project Management,
Managerial Accounting,
Financial Accounting,
International Corporate Finance,
International Business,
Marketing in Diverse Environments,
Operations and Service,
Organizational Behavior,
Managerial Economics and Business Administration,
Leadership and Change Management,
Business Information Systems


Bachelor of Science (BS) Economics

University of Thessaly

Introduction to Law
Economic History
Mathematics I,II,III
Computer science I
Introduction to economic thought
English I,II,III,IV
Commercial Law
Statistics I,II,III
Microeconomic Analysis I,II,III
Macroeconomic Analysis I,II,III
Introduction to Political Science
Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Econometrics I,II
Economic Analysis of Social Policy
History of economic thought
Public Economics I,II
Monetary Theory and Policy
Economics of the E.E.
Economic Growth
Operational Research
Economics of Institutions
Regional economics
Investment Appraisal
Corporate Finance
International Trade
Regional Development and Policy
Developing Countries Theory and Policy
Urban economics and Real Estate Markets
International Banking and Finance
Greek Economy
Institutions and Development
Theory of Economic Policy
Portfolio Management
Agricultural Economics
Theories of Economic Evolution
Multinational Enterprises

What People Say.

Studying alongside Giannis was a real pleasure. His deep knowledge and mentality to help ensure he would be an asset for everyone might consider work with him.

Georgia Koutsoukou

Very well informed, highly skilled in his field and communicative.

Naka Thomai

Ioannis is a highly skilled marketer with deep knowledge in the digital sector, always willing to help others. I highly recommend him.

Terzidou Antonia

It was amazing to work together with Ioannis, who was an outstanding advertiser. His hands-on approach to analyzing and providing fast solutions to any problem gained him the respect of all. He is extremely passionate about his work which is infectious. Working at BaaS is most challenging, and he thrived. He absolutely shines in a a busy environment. Definitely worth recommending.

Haralampos Kordas

Ioannis is a goal oriented and result driven person that I had the pleasure on working with. Always helpful and ready to help when in need. His knowledge in Digital Marketing is making him a very important asset in the marketing world but it's his willingness on sharing this knowledge and insights that is making him stand out! Highly recommended.

Theo Katrivanos

Ioannis is a very intelligent young professional, always willing to share his deep knowledge about digital marketing as well his insights with co-workers. He is very ambitious, detail oriented, hard-working yet casual and it has been a real pleasure working with him during our Digital and Social Media Marketing diploma studies.

Maria-Ioanna Pyloridou

Ioannis is a very talented marketing mind. He is a highly motivated professional with true passion for our field. A team player with a roll-up your sleeves attitude. His knowledge and hands on experience are what make him a great asset to any organization he chooses to work with.

Vasileios Mylonas

Giannis did an exceptional job on recent projects. Giannis is a very productive person and is a multi-skilled person with vast knowledge. Giannis is careful, proactive, self-motivated and intelligent team player. It’s a pleasure working with Giannis as is a customer-service oriented colleague. Thanks to interpersonal skills, Giannis has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.

Thanasis Chrysovergis